A full-featured Leica DISTO™ geared for professionals who need to document complex interior spaces on Bluetooth 2.0-compatible hardware.
  • Bring the old and new-world closer. Compatible with older Android devices and PCs but packs the latest powerful measuring functions
  • Every bit a Leica DISTO™
  • Smart Horizontal mode - finally some “New Math” that actually makes sense
  • Ships with Leica DISTO™ Transfer software which includes a plug-in for AutoCAD™ drawing applications.
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The Leica DISTO™ D330i features wireless data transfer to older Bluetooth™ v2 devices. Its the way to break the #2 Ticonderoga pencil habit without having to replace perfectly good hardware.

The D330i is set up for a user who needs to capture precise, complex measurements in programs like AutoCAD in real time, primarily indoors.

Multi-tone beeps to confirm different kinds of measurements, active min-max tracking, dedicated buttons for the most popular features, and really great keypads (see below) make interior surveys a lot easier to do.

This is our pneumatic keypad torture chamber. It helps us quantify our quest for the perfect keypad and it puts suppliers on notice that we are big proponents of "trust but verify".

It is also a good example of how the experience of engineering and building a wide range of professional precision measurement tools translates to building a better laser distance meter.

Smart Horizontal: Math, meet World

Ever try to measure a room filled with people, furniture, or materials? All of those things tend to placed at a height that makes it hard to take a level horizontal shot with a DISTO, let alone run a tape on the floor.

Smart Horizontal lets you measure on-the-level when you don’t have a straight shot.

With Smart Horizontal activated, take your shot up to 45° over all the stuff in the way. The D330i uses a tilt sensor to calculate the difference between the length of angled shot and the same shot at 0°.

In the sample display, the D330i is pointed 33.6 degrees above level and measuring a slope distance to a wall 26.75 feet away. The actual level horizontal distance is 22.28 feet.

One button, no calculator. Easy, peasey.


Measuring range 1.6in – 325 ft Typ. accuracy ± 1/16 in Precise, quick and reliable measurements
BLUETOOTH® Error-free and quick data transfer to Pocket PC or PC
“Leica DISTO™ Transfer” software is included Easy transfer for further processing in Excel®, Word®, AutoCAD® or other Windows-based programs
AutoCAD® plug-In Convenient drawing using your AutoCAD® software
Smart Horizontal Mode™ Determine precise horizontal distances at the press of a key
Tilt sensor Measure angles up to ± 45° at the touch of a button
Flip-out end-piece Reliable, trouble-free and error-free measurement from edges
with automatic detection or out of corners
Pythagoras functions Indirect height and width measurements in inaccessible positions
Room dimensions Values such as total wall length, wall and ceiling area are available at the touch of a button
Stake out function Stake out equal or two different recurring distances
Triangle function Determine the area of a many-cornered room efficiently